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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Sensational Soul Band.


The Sensational Soul Band


        Your Questions, Our Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact me using the Contact Form.


                                                                               The Sensational Soul Band - FAQ

We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can you do that?
No problem. You have no idea how many songs there are that grandchildren and grandparents both know. The Soul Bands repertoire are mostly Classic Soul & Motown that most people know.

What kinds of events do you do?
We can do all kinds of parties/weddings etc.. and it is our job to get people to dance. Since we love Soul & Motown music, We can provide Soul & Motown for any kind of event (including background music if required). We specialise in Wedding receptions/Functions & Summer Festivals. We consider ourselves to be probably the best soul band in Lincolnshire. The Soul band is kept fresh, funky & vibrant. We have a sense of humour too. So book the best, Forget the rest.  

How much do The Sensational Soul Band cost ?

The cost of the band is derived from many contributing factors i.e. how far we have to travel, set-up and performance times, date etc. please contact us for a tailor-made quote.

How long do The Sensational Soul Band play for ?

Our usual live performance is 1 x 75 minutes set plus encore or 2 x 45 minute sets plus encore. However by far the best scenario is the 1 x 75 minutes set, this is based purely on experience.

Do The Sensational Soul Band supply their own equipment ?

Yes, the band will bring their own top quality PA system (And Lighting if required). Our own equipment (All PAT tested) is suitable for most events, however if the Venue is particularly large we would have to hire in equipment. The cost of this would reflect in the band’s fee.

Can I see The Sensational Soul Band perform before I decide to book them ?

In some circumstances this may be possible, however many of our bookings are for private events, please feel free to ask though.

Can I reserve The Sensational Soul Band without confirming the booking with a deposit ?

You can ‘pencil’ a date which will be held for up to 14 days


We will prepare a simple contract and send (or email) 2 copies to you. You need to sign both copies of the contract and return them with your deposit. We will then sign both copies and return one to you. A contract is important for both you and the band – you need to be absolutely certain that we won’t cancel and we need to know that we can confidently turn down other offers of work on your date.

Do we need to provide food and drink for The Sensational Soul Band ?

To be fed and watered is always greatly appreciated but not a stipulation, But most bookers do provide a meal for the band if they are having one.

Does The Sensational Soul Band need a stage ?

Yes if it’s a suitable size and the whole band can fit onto it comfortably – a minimum of about 15’ wide x 9’ deep – although we have been known to squeeze on smaller, however if it’s bigger even better! If a stage is not available the band are just as happy to set up and perform on the same size as above floor area.

How loud are The Sensational Soul Band ?

The sound is tailored to the venue to ensure that the volume is loud enough but not too loud. If you have any concerns you can speak to our us and we will be more than obliging.

I have my own DJ and Band, Can they use The Sensational Soul Band’s equipment ?

Our equipment is for the sole use of The Sensational Soul Band.

How long does The Sensational Soul Band require to set-up ?

Approx - 1 hour